Aqua Ads

  • Guerilla marketing to fall in love with
  • The most effective choice for your campaign
  • Ecological and economically sustainable advertising

Proficient advertisement for your business

Aqua Ads is a new campaign which provides ecological advertisements in public places. We are able to apply mottos, logos, and texts by using special method of water blasting which will attract the attention of everyone to your business. Aqua Ads’s focus is to deliver your message to the public while also being environmentally sustainable.


Your advertisement will target your desired customers directly in your neighborhood, city, or country. It will raise the consciousness about your business and attract costumers. In comparison with other outdoor advertisements this one will be always the cheapest and will indicate the environmental consciousness of your business. 

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We realize the importance of open-air public places. We also realize that there are plenty of advertisements in the cities that make you more upset that happy. That is why we want to give the city something back for every advertisement.
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Be different. Let your costumers know you care about the nature. Attract them in a different way from standard advertising. Do you need your costumers directed to your shop, presented with a new product or added to your brand? Try Aqua Ads.
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Public place

The occupation of the public places with our advertisements was always our interest. The excess of advertisements around us made us come up with completely unique way to target the customers. Our ads are the innovators of a modern trend in marketing that will send a positive message and become nature-conscious.
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For price lists contact us here. The price for application of one logo varies around 199CZK/month.


In case of a long term campaign we guarantee the permanence of application. We will maintain those installation for free during the desired time period.


Due to our technologies we can proudly say that we can clean most of all outdoor materials with guarantee of no surface damage.


All ad applications are in accord with the law and city ordinances. We are able to provide permission in innovative locations.


We make your ads personally and make you campaign in accordance with your requirements, environment, and modern trends.


Contact us by email or contact form. We reply and consult you in 24 hours.

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